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Welcome Buckets of Goodies

Hi friends! So we have had a couple of families that have came to our church a couple of times and I wanted to reach out to them with a fun and cool idea of introducing them more to our church.

I filled these buckets with goodies from the Dollar Tree along with a personal card, our info sheet about what our kids ministry does, and some devotional materials. I kept them under 10 dollars per family and they loved all the goodies while it welcomed them to our church by running it by their homes. They were well received and I wanted to share so you could do the same in reaching out first your visiting families.

Let me know if I can do anything to help you as you make your own visitor welcome gifts. Also, here is my welcome card graphic I made in Canva and I will be sharing my card graphics with you for different things soon for you to use for your kid ministry.

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