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Thoughts about Post Covid VBS

We just finished up our VBS program at our church, and let me say there ain’t no tired like ”Post Covid VBS Tired.” Here are some thoughts that I had during and following VBS 2021

  • “Man, I am out of shape since I didnt do this last year.” Quarantine life hit me hard and when I started our Thursday VBS and was running around like crazy, it reminded me that my body needed to work out more. I think we all have felt this way when we start back to kid ministry after our Covid ministry hiatus of seeing everyone in person.

  • ”I have never done it this way before”- I caught myself saying this a lot because of things changed because of Covid. It was all good that is was different but it made me and our volunteers be a little more flexible to change

  • ”Lysol everything or Use this hand sanitizer again please.” - keeping germs at bay was a big thing this year. We wanted to protect our kiddos so the lysol and hand sanitizer was broken out way more this year for our kids ministry. I never thought we would have to clean this much in ministry but here we are and I don’t mind it one but if my kiddos stay safe.

  • ”I am so glad I used last year’s budget to buy all these materials pre-covid.” I saved sooooo much of my budget this year because in February 2020 I placed my huge order. I didn’t have to buy the imagination station or craft supplies or even the VBS curriculum for 2021 because I bought it in 2020. I’m so thankful I did because I had a lot of wiggle room in my budget that I’m immensely thankful for in 2021.

  • ”This is great! I missed this!” When things shifted and we had to do different things to reach our kiddos in the community, I missed VBS. It was hard going that whole summer not seeing them in person and just on the computer screen in 2020. I think 2021 VBS taught me to be even more grateful for my calling from the Lord. I missed VBS because it’s were I first met the Lord myself. It was so great to get with my kiddos and volunteers and learn more about Jesus together!

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