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Apps that Make Kid's Ministry Easier!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I love using my phone to help keep Children's Ministry simple and make it so much easier. Over the last few years, I have tried so many apps on my iPhone to communicate, help with teaching, and help parents as they disciple. Here are just a few that I recommend, their cost, and a short explanation.

  1. Bible App for Kids - Free. This fun app helps teach the Bible to kiddos in ways that engage them with positive screen time. My child loves this app and it can be formatted for different age groups. Best Bible App for kids!

  2. Canva - free for basic, Premium- $12.00 a month or free if you fill out the non-profit paperwork and show tax exempt status paperwork. This app is worth the monthly fee if you need to pay it because it helps you do all your graphics for kids ministry. You can also resize designs for different ratios for screens. Very simple to use on your phone and online.

  3. Grow Games- Free. Need icebreaker or games that go with a theme? I cannot recommend this app enough for all your needs as you plan for games in kid's ministry.

  4. LeadSmall - Free. Do you use Orange curriculum? This is the app you need! Small group leaders can easily look at this app and figure out what they are teaching and how to lead. You don't have to pass out curriculum to teacher's anymore, just have them download this app and teach them a quick tutorial, and you are good to go. It also help them keep up with kiddos in their small group and makes life so much easier for you to get everyone on the same page.

  5. Parentcue- Free. Want a way to communicate with parents about what they learned on Sunday if you use Orange Curriculum? I recommend Parentcue! Parents download the app, put in their child's info and then they are able to follow along and disciple their kiddos during the week with prompts based on what they learned. My parents love it!

  6. Groupme - Free. Want a way to communicate with your teams? I recommend Groupme! Its like text messaging but easier for multiple phone types to use (Apple and Samsung).

  7. Remind - Free. Mass communication at it's finest! Have parents sign up to get messages and contact them all with a quick text. I am so thankful for Remind!

  8. Pinterest- Free. Need ideas? Pinterest is a wealth of ideas. I love that I am able to look up ideas for different areas of ministry. It helps be with volunteer gift ideas, decorating ideas, and a multitude of other things I may need inspiration for in kid min.

  9. Business Suite for Facebook- Free. What I love about Business Suite is that it allows you to link your Facebook and Instagram pages together and update at the same time! It makes posting on the two social media sites so much better.

  10. Google Keep - Free. I am huge on to-do lists and keep check off lists for everything. This is for sure the best app I have found and I recommend it.

Anything else you have found that helps you? Contact me to let me know so I can add it to our ever growing list.

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