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Volunteer Sign Ups and Photo Booths for Church Ideas

I love decorating and often my Pastor likes to use that skill to have me provide the photo booth for our different events at church. A couple of years ago, my husband blessed me and by providing these doors of my decor of dreams from work. He spent $20 on these doors and hinges and I took a sander to rough them up. These doors were going to be thrown away and now they are used for everything from weddings, baby showers, and to recruit volunteers. I prefer to keep it cheap as possible and work on a budget. These decor items are often used again for numerous events and removable vinyl so that I can reuse signs. Here are some decor ideas I have done in our church lately to give you some inspiration:

  • Volunteer Sign Ups - I wrote each area we needed on a job description card along with the time commitment for that position and allowed people to discover our needs in the church.

  • Easter Photo Booth - I made the sign on my procreate app into an svg and cut out the removable vinyl on my Cricut so that the signs could be reused. Flowers were half off at Hobby Lobby and reused for Mother’s Day.

  • Mother’s Day Photo Booth- made my sign in Canva and transferred it to my Cricut to cut a beautiful sign for our decor.

  • Father’s Day Photo Booth - I got this idea of making a tie garland and needed tons. A gentleman from our church went home to be with Jesus who I loved dearly and they were donations from his family to our Associate Pastor who allowed me to use them. It was so cool that we were able to remember Mr. Ed Lagrone on Father’s Day with this photo booth. I made the sign once again on my Cricut (can’t you tell I love that thing?)

I love to see what other churches do. What photo booths do you do at your churches? I would love to share ideas here to let others see

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