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Volunteer Appreciation!

I love love love getting people gifts to show them my appreciation for all they do in our ministry. This year I worked really hard to budget out money just to show our volunteers how much they mean to us. Check out some of our frugal ideas:

  1. “Relax Gift” - I filled this first gift up with goodies that help people relax: bubble bath, face masks, a beach towel, a cup with their name on it (I cut their name out on my Cricut in vinyl), and a personal note for from me. These recipients had been with me for three years on my leadership team so I thought I would celebrate them well.

  2. “Thanks for helping our kid’s ministry grow!” - This gift was a simple letter with me and a small potted plant. The point was to signified the kiddos that we had helped grow in knowledge of the Lord. I delivered them to all my volunteers during Covid and asked them to send me a picture of them with their plant. When they did, I went on our social media pages, and bragged about how awesome they were. It was great during that time to show our appreciation for them.

  3. ”Christmas Ornaments made out of tile” - my husband works at a home improvement store (shoutout E.C. Barton!) and I was able to get this tile and break them off from their backing that is usually used as backsplash. I was able to make ornaments for all my volunteers for Christmas using some hot glue, ribbons, and my Circut..

  4. ”Refreshing to have a Volunteer like You!” - I found some super cute cups this Spring at Sam’s and bought them in bulk. I put in the cups some individual drink packages that they could mix on the go and let them know I was so thankful for all they do.

I try to do gifts once a quarter and make them super fun and reusable. I know a lot of my people have still got their flowers repotted and blooming and using their cup. Making people feel appreciated is so important. I love our volunteers and all they contribute to our kid’s ministry.

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