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Tips for Communicating with Families

This week I received a compliment that really made my heart happy as a minister. This family lives across the country and knows exactly what is going on and what is planned in our Kids Ministry here in White Hall, AR. I utilize graphics, social media, and this website to tell others about all the happenings of Kids Ministry. This compliment made me think about how to help other ministers communicate with social media and I wanted to give you some tips I have learned over the years:

  • Graphics and pictures are very important- having a cute graphic and super easy with Canva and you can change the dimensions to fit what you need really quickly. Pictures are so important as well since they show what is going on in your ministry and helps paint a picture of what to expect when attending.

  • Plan your year out and communicate what you can- parents want to know what is coming up so that they can plan as a family. Letting parents know about huge events such as camp as soon as you can help them as they attempt to plan for the summer. I usually do my Spring and Summer Calendar together are release the info in January so that parents have a visual to know what is coming up. Doing this really helps the ministry and helps clear up a lot.

  • Social Media is your friend but know your audience - my families use Instagram and Facebook. I use those two modes of social media to communicate and if there is a new social media form that pops up, I always look into it. Know your audience and see what works for your families. Don't waste your time doing things that will not be seen.

Need help? I am always here to help if you are looking for a better way to communicate in ministry. Let me know by emailing me at

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