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Parenting Video Series!

Back in March, our Children's Ministry did a Parenting Discipleship Video Series to help train parents for things their kiddos may be going through and how to help their children develop in their faith. I wanted to share with you a video each week of me interviewing some great kid ministry friends of mine and give some ideas on how you can do this in your church.

Here is what we did:

  1. We made a Fellowship One Form asking parents to submit questions they had for experts. It was anonymous and it made parents feel comfortable to ask tough questions.

  2. We had certain topics - how to share the faith with your children, how to lead your child to Jesus, how to disciple your pre-teen, and how to disciple your pre-schooler.

  3. We enlisted our experts. It was basically people I know from college, seminary, and other ministers I look up to for what they have done. All four are fantastic people and I love their heart for children and families.

  4. I recorded on Zoom, and did a little editing. I then released them over a month every Sunday on Facebook. That way many saw them and it was something you could watch a little of and then come back and watch more later. I kept each session short and sweet so parents wouldn't be overwhelmed.

So, here is a video I did with one of my former professors and friend: Dr. Walter Norvell. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. I have some more I will be releasing over the next couple of weeks to draw attention to our kid's ministry. These interviews have great content that all parents should know when it comes to discipleship.

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