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Our Parent Resource Wall

Helping parents get resources is so important in forming a family discipleship model in a church. There are so many great avenues of materials I have found that have helped me in ministry and also as a parent myself. Parents can borrow any books or take any handouts so that they can learn how to disciple their children. We even put out graphics of upcoming events and how they can get involved. It's for sure a command center for our Kid's Ministry!

So, this is how I did our resource walls and some materials you can find when you check it out:


  • The backing is an old bulletin board. I just drilled everything to the cork.

  • The wood backdrop is actually bulletin board paper.

  • Shelving is from Amazon and I had it because I was going to use it for my house but went a different route.

  • All other decorative things are from Hobby Lobby.

  • All the signage I did with my Cricut vinyl cutter.

  • Estimated cost - $100ish since I caught it mostly on sale weekends at Hobby Lobby.

Books and Materials

  • It's Just a Phase from Orange for each grade group and developmental age.

  • Caught in In Between from Orange

  • Treasured by Orange

  • Big Picture Bibles CSB

  • Red Letter Challenge for Kids

  • The Gospel - God's Plan for Us Workbook

  • I'm a Christian Now Workbook

  • Jesus Storybook Bible

  • United in Autism by Julie Hornok

  • Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel

  • No-Drama Discipline by Daniel Siegel

  • Mental Health Handout for our area with resources available.

I add more as I see more resources become available. I love having this open for our parents to use without guilt if needed. Parents have told me how much they love the numerous resources we share and I am so glad I had this idea to reach our families in a small way.

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