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How to make your own Missions Camp

This year we did something new with a Day Camp experience for our kiddos who have made the decision to follow Jesus. We were able to take several day trips to serve and learn about missions in our community. We wanted kiddos to understand huge things in our faith such as the Gospel, evangelism, and SBC entities that benefit others on mission. FBC Kids was able to tour and serve in several amazing ministries including the Arkansas State Convention Offices, the Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries, and our local Foster Love Closet and White Hall Food Pantry. Our kids were young, but they soaked up so much and learned about the important work these ministries are doing to reach others for the Gospel.

We wrote our own curriculum for this and I wanted to share it with you so that your church could do something similar in your area. Let me know if you would like more resources and how to do something similar in your context by emailing me at

Missions Camp -5
Download PDF • 11.56MB

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