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Communicating with Parents

Ministering to kids is just as much, if not more about communicating with parents. Being able to communicate things like: when is camp, what time Sunday School starts, or how much an event is that we are holding is essential. I use facebook, remind, instagram, and even my own personal social media to make sure parents hear what is going on and how they can get involved. Some things I have found work efficiently for our church are to always to:

  1. Always have a eye catching graphic - it grabs their attention and also helps with the social media algorithm.

  2. Get ready to communicate tons about what is going on - you’re going to get tons of questions and that is 100% okay! Just be ready, even if you list all the info, people really only read the first two to three sentences.

  3. Keep it simple - Like I said above people only read the first couple of sentences… make sure you tell your info without overwhelming them.

What are a few things you have noticed about communicating with parents? What works for you?

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