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Christmas Outreach in Kid's Ministry with Happy Birthday Jesus Family Bags

During Christmas time, we always have families checking out our church as they look to celebrate the birth of Jesus and every year I want to help them celebrate as a family at home as well. We do something here at FBC White Hall for cheap called "Happy Birthday Jesus" bags. We send home things a family would need for a birthday cake, a devotional, and some activities for families to celebrate together.

This outreach is very cheap with cost around 5 dollars a family. Get your icing and cake mix at Walmart, some activities together like making birthday cards for Jesus, and a family devotional. (If you use orange curriculum they actually provided us one with the curriculum this year) and hand it out to families.

This is so fun and we celebrate the birth of Jesus in our family. Let me know if I can help you in any way so you can do this in your church as well.

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