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Camp Siloam Info

Hi friends! Here is an info sheet of things you need to know about Camp Siloam. We will also have a meeting for Camp on Sunday, July 20th at 6:00 pm in Jam Town. Please try to attend so that you can receive your child's materials for the week.

A Day at Camp What does a day at Camp Siloam look like? To sum it up, it’s fellowship and fun. Here’s what your schedule might look like:

· 8:00 AM Breakfast & Cabin Clean Up · 8:30 AM Quiet Time · 9:00 AM Drama and Worship · 10:00 AM Group Time · 11:00 AM Team Recreation · 12:30 PM Lunch · 1:30 PM Free time/Activity Classes · 5:30 PM Dinner · 7:00 PM Worship · 8:30 PM Group Time · 9:30 PM Open Rec · 10:00 PM Lights Out

What to Bring We want you to have a great time at Camp Siloam and have everything you need, so here’s a list of what to bring…and what to leave home!

Packing List

· Bible · Shorts · T-shirts · Rain coat or umbrella · Adventure Sandals – (Chacos, Tevas, keens, etc.) · Tennis Shoes · Jeans · Socks · Underwear · Shower Sandals · Sleeping Bag or sheets and blanket · Pillow · Bug Repellant · Sunscreen · Modest Swimwear · Deodorant · Toothbrush · Toothpaste · Floss · Soap · Towel · Washcloth · Flashlight · Waterbottle · Notebook · Pen or Pencil · Theme night Clothing – Camo, Favorite Sports Team, Steampunk · Spending money – we suggest $30 to $60 for offering, our camp store, and other camp activities

Do Not Bring

  • Nothing Illegal

  • Handheld Gaming systems

  • Fireworks

  • Pets

  • No super short shorts, gotta be longer than your fingertips

  • No spaghetti strap shirts

  • No two-piece bathing suits or speedos. Tankinis are allowed but no midriff must show.

Can I use my cellphone at camp? Can I get ahold of my child at anytime?

  • Camp Siloam has a policy that during their stay, cell phones, media players, or gaming devices are to be left at home. There is so much noise in the world and going to camp allows children to focus on the big picture of camp, getting to know Jesus. If the use of cellphone is absolutely necessary, they may be used in the bunkhouses at night prior to lights out under the leader’s supervision.

  • We will take them up once and secure them until free time.

  • During the day, if you would like to see how your child is doing you can message or call a leader. We will give these numbers out during the meeting since this is a public website.

Where do Campers Sleep?

Church groups stay together (separated by gender) in a bunkhouse for the whole week. Each bunkhouse has 24 beds and a bathroom with 3 showers, 3 toilets, and 3 sinks. All of our bunkhouses are Air Conditioned.

Important things to know:

Competition and Points – Color Wars, Church of the Week, and Tournaments. They will assign us a color when we get there, and I will have some supplies for the team color. (It will be red or blue). This is a big deal and we are so excited!

What does the place look like and what is there to offer?

Check out some of the cool activities that may be available during free times while at camp:

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