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More than  Kid’s Church

A blog for small churches for ideas in kid’s ministry.

A blog filled with ideas, information, and fun for all things Kid Ministry.

We know how it is

 Many people think everything that Children's Ministers do is based on what happens on Sunday morning, but it is so much more than that.  We have the great opportunity to reach kids and their families in our churches with the Gospel in some interesting ways that are more than just Kid’s Church! This website is geared to reach out to smaller churches to give resources and ideas with a limited budget, few volunteers, and ideas to reach the family as a whole.



We would love to share resources for kid's ministry that you can use in your context.  This blog is full of ideas, events, discipleship processes, and insights from seasoned kid's ministers.


Finding volunteers can be difficult. It can also be hard to keep volunteers enthusiastic, trained, and retained after you get them serving in Kid's Ministry. We have some ideas on how to keep your volunteers engaged and how to recruit more.



Parenting is hard! With so much on their plate, many times discipleship comes hard or put on "the back burner." We want to share with parents some practical disciplship tips, some ways to engage parents, and also a way for our church to communicate with Parents at FBC White Hall.

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